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About Hilary

I'm a personal trainer and boot camp owner with over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness field. I'm fascinated by the human body and what it can accomplish through sweat dripping workouts and eating good ol' natural foods. Though health and fitness have been a huge part of my world for quite some time, nothing makes me happier than time spent with my family. My husband Cody and I have three incredible children that continually bring us an abundance of love, joy, and laughter.


This blog is my living room where I like to share workouts that anyone can do anywhere. I also like to share recipes that my family doesn't try to feed to the dog as well as other tips that help keep us healthy. I'd love to lock arms with you and be a part of your health journey.


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Water bottle cheers to our next workout together no matter how far you may be! 



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