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Ezmix Amps Pack Torrent [Latest] 2022




I personally own a Sonnox Saphir 500 amp and plan to test it out to see how well it would work with it. As it stands, I own and have owned two 50-200 cabs from Fender. I bought a Fender Stage Line 50 about 7 years ago (still use it daily) and a 1959 Fender Pro 50 a year later. Both were fairly basic, and I hated the thing because it was so heavy (I was a girl at the time and had limited upper-body strength). I also purchased a 1971 Fender Bassman and tried that for a year before I found out it was basically a five-piece combo with an acoustic bass. After that, I got fed up and sold all of my Fenders and tried out the 71 amp until someone pointed out it was a combo. That was it for me and I never looked back. That being said, I own a Sequential 94 Series 2 Fender Bassman that is now a staple in my rig, as well as a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and a few smaller items. Currently, I'm very fond of my Presys Fender P.C.B.1, and a Fender Grapetree Champ Deluxe with a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. If I were going for a gigging bassist and wanted to get the most power possible out of it, I'd go with a 60-80-200 amp, in this order. I'd not only buy a decent head, but a good power conditioner as well. For example, I'd go with a Crate PX with several PSUs. The first PSUs I would use would be about 2x500 or 1x1000. That is a little overkill, but you can always get away with a bit more power if you are playing in a soundproof, quiet room. I'd put those in the head, then go with a 3x500 or 2x1000. After that, I'd add some PSUs to my rack and go to that. The biggest thing I'd say is to keep the head and power as separated as possible. You never know when you'll need to turn it down, or need to step out of the room, so keep it separate. It's also good to keep the ground effect turned off. You don't need the added weight that they add. You can get a 2x5U rack for $30-50, depending on where you shop. It




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Ezmix Amps Pack Torrent [Latest] 2022

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