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Workout with your teenager... Today my Shed 'n Shred clients wanted to come in for a family workout. Oh that got me SO pumped! "Of course, I would LOVE to kick your family's butt", I told them. This couple has two teenagers, but I was lucky to have one of them join us today. This is her summer break, but she wanted to come and work on her fitness at 9am on a Tuesday. Now I know a lot of teens are not willing to wake up that early, but you can still get them to come with you to a fun/empowering workout later in the day to do THIS workout! The Workout: Warm-Up: 5 minute Jog -Squat Presses, 20 reps -Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows, 15 reps -Standing Military Press, 15 reps -Renegades, 15/ea Arm ((Repeat 3 Times)) Treadmill Sprints: Sprint for 30 seconds / Recover for 30 seconds 3% Incline - 3 Sprints 4% Incline - 3 Sprints 5% Incline - 3 Sprints We also did an ab circuit consisting of 3 exercises (not shown) & finished the workout back on the treadmill. Final Treadmill Exercise: (20 seconds of High Knees / 20 sec Recover) 8% Incline - 5x If you are interested in seeing more workouts that you can do with your teenager, please "like" this video and/or comment below. I need your feedback so I can be sure that I am putting out useful information. If you have a particular request you can contact me at Thanks for taking the time to watch my video! Happy Training!



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