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Diaper Bag 0-6 Months

I'm always asking my girlfriends and looking on Pinterest for what other moms absolutely love having on hand for their babies. These are just a few things that I don't leave the house without. All babies are different and although I wish Zoë would, she won't take a pacifier, but she loves the two teething toys I have listed. I like to keep the pacifier wipes on hand so I can wipe down her toys. The diaper bag I have (and the one in the collage) is from Pottery Barn Kids. Click HERE to find the exact bag.

1. Honest Co. Diapers (keep at least 4-5 at all times)

I'd like to also add a couple things that are not listed that I absolutely LOVE and wanted to make sure I share with you...

8. Burp Clothes: Organic Bamboo Terry Cloth by (Etsy Account) ThePleatedPetal

9. Swaddle Blanket: 30% Organic Cotton, 70% Bamboo by Flamingo Baby Co

10. Extra outfit by Rosie Pope

***I'm an Amazon Affiliate which means when you click the links in this post I will be commissioned accordingly. I appreciate you trusting in me and my recommendations.


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