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“I want ME some ACAI” Açaí Bowl Recipe

If your kids are anything like mine, they come home from school STARVING on a daily basis. We've tried doing dinner right after school instead of after evening practices, however, it just didn't feel right. So, I began playing around with "hearty" snack options that would fill their tummies with "good" stuff and hold their hunger off long enough until we could eat dinner together as a family.

If you're unfamiliar with this organic superfood, allow me to introduce you to the acai berry. Pronounced ah-sigh-ee. This delicious purple berry grows in the Amazon Rainforest and has been considered one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. On the PLANET, yo!!!

Acai Bowls are PERFECT for hungry little monsters! They're jam-packed with antioxidants, healthy omegas, and fiber. Add a couple scoops of KidzShake and you're also providing your child with quality protein, vitamins, and minerals.

So, how do you make one? Follow the recipe below and have fun playing around with the different topping options.

“I want ME some ACAI” Açaí Bowl Recipe

Açaí Bowl Ingredients:

Frozen Banana, 1

Local Honey, 1/2 TBSP

Orange Juice, 2oz

Toppings: (Optional)

Sliced Banana

Sliced Strawberries

Chia Seeds, 1tsp

Granola, 1-2 TBSP


1.) Using a blender, blend together the Açaí Bowl Ingredients until smooth.

2.) Pour mixture into a bowl.

3.) Layer the toppings onto the puree very slowly so the toppings don't sink.

4.) Enjoy!

Serves 1.

What healthy snacks do you rely on for busy days? Do you have a healthy recipe to share? If so, email me here or comment below my latest Facebook or Instagram post.

This post is generously sponsored by KidzShake, however all thoughts and opinions on this post are my own.

***When you make purchases using the links in my posts I earn a commission which helps financially support this website and my family. Thank you in advance!

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