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Zoë's #HOTD

There is no doubt that our little Zoë has been blessed with a full head of hair. Even at 6 months she had so much hair I wasn't exactly sure what to do with it all. Having a daughter (or son for that matter) with a lot of hair can come with some challenges; keeping it clean, for example. Trying to avoid tangles and handling them with care when you do. Dodging the dreaded lice invasion! Below are some of the ways I've been doing all of that with the Fairy Tales Hair Care collection.

***When you make purchases using the links in this post I earn a commission which helps financially support this website and my family. Thank you for your consideration!

Keeping Hair Healthy

Summers spent outside in the sun and/or in public pools loaded with harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on a toddlers hair. We keep Coco Cabana After-Sun Spray in our beach bag at all times and spray all of the kids hair down before we head out the door as well as after they're done swimming. It's incredible how soft and smooth it makes the texture of their hair.

Curly-Q Styling Gel was the first Fairy Tales Hair Care product that I ever tried. I had really hoped it would do what it said and am so happy to say it did. Hence, why I am now hooked on all of their products! After getting brushed, my daughter's hair is poofy and wavy. Once I give her hair a couple Curly-Q sprays, her hair begins to gather and curls start to develop. Curly-Q sometimes even brings ringlets out of her hair, which I love! It doesn't take much, in fact for ponytails, I only give it one good spray and curls start to develop (see image below). I get asked a lot if her hair is "crispy" after getting sprayed. Although the spray does give her hair a polished look it is not crispy. Her hair is actually really soft and easy to brush through which is comforting because I don't want anything harsh on her hair.

Avoiding Lice

To avoid lice, I aim to always send Zoë to pre-school with her hair up and tied back. I also, guard her hair with about 4-6 sprays of Fairy Tales Lice Prevention Rosemary Repel all over her hair. So far, no lice here! (Currently knocking on wood and scratching my scalp.)

Note: Schools aren't the only place where lice can make landing... Birthday parties, Gyms, Airplanes, Movie Theaters, Summer Camps, etc.

So, guard your babies even if they are 3 or 23! :)

I've chosen Fairy Tales Hair Care products for my children because their products don't contain any harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, sulfates, dairy, gluten, nuts. They use organic herbs and natural plant extracts.

What products do you like to use on your children?



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