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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy for our homes to become cluttered with stuff we don't need. Instead of waiting for spring to declutter, why not embark on a home refresh this season, dedicated to creating space for what truly matters – quality family time? In this post, we'll explore the joy of transforming a neglected storage closet into a haven for family bonding and creativity. Get ready to declutter, organize, and make room for cherished moments with your loved ones!

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Declutter to Reconnect:

Start your home refresh by choosing a space in your home that may have become neglected over time. We all have a place in our home that just seems to be the catchall for random 'stuff'. It might be a junk drawer for you; for us it's the storage closet that is located smack dab in the middle of our home.

Begin by emptying the room, drawer, or closet completely before making decisions about each item. This approach will spare you from merely rearranging things and holding onto items that no longer contribute to your family's needs. Bid farewell to items you no longer require, and free up both physical and mental space for the meaningful moments in life.

Facing a vast accumulation of possessions can feel overwhelming, yet it serves as a valuable perspective shift, enabling you to thoughtfully curate what deserves a place in your home and what might find a more appreciative home elsewhere.

Crafty Creations:

One way to make room for family creativity is by dedicating a section of your storage closet to craft supplies. Gather your art materials, organize them neatly, and make it easy for everyone to access. Having everything in one place encourages spontaneous creative sessions and bonding.

Click here to find the storage items I used to organize.

Game Nights Galore:

Another part of your transformed closet can become the heart of family game nights. Organize board games, cards, puzzles, and any other games your family enjoys. Keep it organized and accessible, so you can easily gather for impromptu game nights.

These mesh zipper pouches from Amazon are great for organizing games and puzzles. I was able to use the large pouches for the large games and the small pouches for the pieces and cards that go along with the game.

Our family's favorite games can be found here.

Create an Inspiring Nook:

Add a touch of inspiration to the closet by decorating it with meaningful quotes, colorful artwork, or family photos. Make it a welcoming and motivating space where creativity and bonding can flourish. Consider adding wallpaper or painting an accent wall for some flare.

Regular Family Time:

Now that your craft and game night closet is ready, make a commitment to regular family nights. Whether it's a weekly board game night or a monthly craft session, having a dedicated space makes it easier to prioritize family time and create lasting memories.

Our homes are not just places to live; they are spaces where we nurture relationships and create memories. By repurposing a storage closet into a haven for family creativity and game nights, you're not only decluttering your surroundings but also making room for what truly matters – quality time with your loved ones. So, clear out the clutter, set up your craft and game night closet, and make this season all about creating cherished moments with your family.

Find our favorite family games here.

Find the items used for organizing here.

There were two things that I found at Walmart. Here are the links:

Happy creating!


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