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Steal My Healthy Grocery List + Themed Week Dinner Menu

“Spend Less. Enjoy More.” That’s currently my motto with a lot of things and in particularly our family dinners. Spend less time searching for recipes at the end of the day and less time running to the grocery store for last minute shopping. More time enjoying our well-planned, slow evenings as a family. Because I know how busy your weeks can get with work, errands and all the things, I wanted to share with you what has significantly helped us add more enjoyment into our week.


 It starts with dedicating an hour or so of planning out our meals for the week. I aim to plan out all our meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner and some snacks. This allows me to make only two big grocery hauls a week - I like to shop on Mondays and Fridays when the stores are slow.


Now that you know what's for dinner you can thaw out what you need the morning of and come home to some quick chopping and tossing together.


I'll add that none of the recipes below are my own. All the recipes are linked to the proper owners. I'm the daughter and granddaughter of cooks, but the gift of cooking somehow skipped me. I'm currently scouting which child of ours got the gene so I can put them in charge of the kitchen thinkining🤔 💭 . So far, Brayden has the most hope.


However, I am resourceful and with creative geniuses on Pinterest and IG I'm able to seek out their talent and use it to our advantage. Ha! I hope you enjoy what's on the menu this week. Be sure to let me know what you tried and liked.

Weekly Dinner Ideas: Now, let's plan out your week of dinners with these themed meal ideas:

Mediterranean Monday: Mondays are typically hectic for us so I like for Monday dinner to be as quick and simple as possible. Air fried Greek Chicken is not only simple and quick, but also rich in flavor. Looking forward to trying this recipe Monday!

Taco Tuesday: Is it just me or has Chipotle been greedy with their portions lately? With prices going up and portions going down, we're making our own bowls these days.

Wonton Wednesday: By request of my sons, we religiously have an Asian meal at least once a week.

Brinner Thursday: Breakfast for dinner. The kids absolute favorite night of the week! We're giving this recipe a go paired with high-protein greek yogurt.

Leftover Friday: Get creative with whatever leftovers you have from the week and whip up a delicious one-pot meal or hearty salad.

American Saturday: To me, Saturdays should be slow and outdoors. We like to grill burgers or chicken while the kids jump on the trampoline. Although these air-fried wings are cooked indoors they still give me slow Saturday vibes. Pairing with a side salad.

Italian Sunday: End the week on a comforting note with a hearty bowl of spaghetti bolognese or creamy mushroom risotto, paired with garlic bread and a side salad.

Gluten-Free Spaghetti and Meatballs

To help ease decision-making shopping anxiety, I have all our organic grass-fed, grass finished meat delivered straight to our door each month. It makes meal planning so much easier when all the high-quality protein your family needs for the week is waiting for you in your freezer.

Try ButcherBox now and receive $50 OFF using this link:

With these themed dinner ideas, you'll be well-equipped to nourish your family with delicious and nutritious meals all week long. So go ahead, steal my healthy grocery list and get ready to enjoy food that not only tastes good but also makes you feel great inside and out. Happy eating!

When you make purchases using the links in my posts I earn a small commission which helps financially support this blog and my family.
Thank you in advance!


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