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Holiday Gift Guide For The 12-15 Year Old Boy

As our boys are transitioning from young kids to teenagers I started to think that gift-finding was going to be really difficult. They don't care for toys anymore; no more Nerf guns... well maybe. They usually buy the latest videogames for themselves throughout the year. What could I possibly get them that they would want? That's when I set out on a quest to find ideas, and friend, if you have boys between 12-15 or are shopping for one you are about to get blown away by all the things I found.

I've grouped some gift items in different categories below in hopes to help make your shopping easier. You can click the name or the image that you see below to get directed to that item's shop link.

The Everyday Guy:

"The Everyday Guy" list is one that you can't go wrong with when buying for a preteen/teen guy in 2019. They're trending items that are fool proof. I'd even go so far to say that if they already have one (of the below) they wouldn't mind having a second or a third.

The Gamer:

"The Gamer" is the guy that spends his weekends with his headset on, controller in hands and is always ready for an online battle. Our

13 year old son is a big gamer and he has approved the list below. Something that is also worth noting is that my husband is also a big gamer and recommended a few of these as well.

The Athlete:

"The Athlete" is the guy that is always doing private trainings, is at practice or at a game. He has a trophy shelf with more bling than Tiffany & Co.! Below are just a few ideas I found for "The Athlete" on your list.

Posters of their favorite Athlete

Did I forget something? I'd love to hear from you. Send me your ideas here.

Happy Holidays!

When you make purchases using the links in my posts I earn a small commission which helps financially support this blog and my family. Thank you in advance!

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