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The Best Shorts + Joggers For Athletic Men & Teenage Guys

Disclosure - I am a Zyia Active Director - Representative. I've proudly worked with this brand for the last four years. My family loves them and I believe you will as well. Any purchases made using the links in this post will directly support my small business. Thank you in advance.

Spring Cleaning is just around the corner! If you're anything like me, you like to use this time of year as an opportunity to go through your kids clothes and get rid of the worn-out or just-don't-fit-anymore pieces. I've been shocked over the last couple of years at how well my sons Zyia Active apparel, in particular, has held up. Our boys (16 and 15 years old now) are involved in sports year-round thus very hard on their clothes. However, after hundreds of washes, workouts, getting wet and left in lockers (eww), and who knows what else, they still look good as new and smell just the same.

If you have a teen guy or an active husband, dad, father-in-law then bucket up buttercup — I present to you the items you've been looking for!

We've bought the joggers above multiple times! My teens don't like to do laundry so having a few extra pair around keeps them dressed :). Sizing with all of these listed is true to size. My best advice would be to make sure you are checking the inseam length before purchasing. You want to make sure they are long or short enough.

As far as the shorts go: we've bought these in every single color available. We love them! You know they are good when the coaches and their friends are asking our boys where they get their clothes from. Talk about a Mom Win!

These items won't get tossed at next years or even next, next years Spring Cleaning bout. Get pieces that LAST!

Thanks for being here, friend!

We share lots of topics on this blog. Would you like to see more content like this? I'd love to hear from you. Message me here.


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