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Let's Have a Ball (Core Workout)

The greatest thing about this workout is that it can be done anywhere! The 5min jog at the beginning and end of the workout can be replaced with jogging in place and/or jump rope.

Do this workout up to 3x/wk. Allow yourself a rest day in between workouts. The perfect schedule would be to do this on Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday. Oh you want to know MORE ways to get rockin' abs??? Well, I'm glad you asked...

5 Tips to Achieving Abtastic Results

  1. Exhale on the concentric phase of each exercise. In other words when your muscles are being contracted. The more you can push out your air the harder your muscles contract.

  2. Transition quickly between each exercise. Move it sister!

  3. Slow & steady wins the race. Well, at least it does with core training. Take your time with each rep and squeeze!

  4. Your entire day is a core workout. Hold in your belly and sit/stand tall all day long. At the office, in the car, and while you're cooking dinner.

  5. Speaking of cooking! ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN! You've heard it before and you are hearing it again from me. Fruits, Veggies, Lean Protein, and nuts/seeds are our friends. Processed, boxed foods are strangers...and we don't talk to strangers.

Products used for workout:

& my children's soccer ball :)

Print and/or Pin the Workout Below...

These are my "short hair days" photos, but it actually wasn't all that long ago that these were taken. My hair grows really fast I guess. Thank you Biotin! These were taken by two rad dudes (mentioned below) back in 2011.

Photo Credits:

First Photo (in Blue Top) Blum Photography

Final Photo (in Black Outfit) Nicholson Studios

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