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5 Things I Changed to Get Leaner

I’ve recently noticed a wave of messages on Instagram, with many of you asking about the noticeable changes in my appearance. Yes, I've gotten leaner, and the path that has got me here might surprise you. It's all about the philosophy of 'less is more'. Today, I want to share with you the changes that have significantly impacted my journey towards getting leaner.

1. More Walking, Less Running

The first change was a shift from high-intensity running to more relaxed walking sessions. While running is excellent for cardiovascular health, I found that walking, especially in nature, not only helps me in fat burning but also in unwinding mentally. It's a gentler approach, but its effectiveness in maintaining a lean physique is undeniable.

2. Rest and Read Instead of Caffeine-Fueled Pushes

My second change was redefining my rest periods. Earlier, I would rely on caffeine to push through fatigue. Now, I choose to listen to my body more. When I feel tired, I take a step back to rest or immerse myself in The Word or a good book. This shift has remarkably reduced my stress levels, contributing to better overall health and a leaner body.

3. Casting My Cares and Reducing Self-Imposed Pressure

A significant change was in my approach to stress and anxiety. I've turned to faith, casting my cares and worries, and learning not to try to do everything on my own. Keeping my mind calm and stress-free has had a profound impact not only on my mental health but also on my physical wellbeing.

4. Protein in Every Meal

Nutritionally, I've become more mindful of my protein intake. Ensuring that each meal includes protein, roughly the size of my flattened hand, has been crucial. It helps in muscle recovery, especially important given my changed exercise routine, and keeps me fuller for longer, which aids in maintaining leanness.

5. Incorporating Martial Arts and Full-Body Mobility Workouts

Lastly, I've reintroduced martial arts and full-body mobility movements into my routine, but just twice a week. This doesn't overburden my body, yet it provides enough stimulus for muscle strength and flexibility. It’s a perfect blend of physical exertion and skill learning, contributing significantly to my lean physique.

In closing, the journey to a lean physique isn't always about doing more; sometimes, it's about doing what's right for your body and mind. These changes have not only helped me physically but have also brought a new sense of peace and balance in my life. I hope sharing my experience inspires you to find your unique path to health and well-being.

Stay healthy and positive!


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