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7 Things That Surprised Me About Homeschooling

Is it really July already? I cannot believe that we not only completed our first year of homeschool, but a new school year is already approaching.

According to Prosperity For All, "In 2020, the number of homeschooled students was 2.65 million, and as of 2021, there were 3.7 million students who were homeschooled." There is an undoubtable rise in homeschooling families across America and more questions have emerged about the idea. I thought it would be fun to share a few things that have surprised me about the homeschooling experience for anyone that has considered making the switch.

Let me back up a second: we're a family of five, juggling the demands of a high school senior, and the boundless energy of our youngest. Her kindergarten experience was marred by anxiety, a yearning to excel that burdened her little shoulders. Faced with this, we made a bold decision to homeschool Zoë for first grade last year and it has proven to be one of our greatest decisions yet.

In no particular order here are seven ways homeschool surprised me:

1.) The Oasis of Calm

Picture a world where you're the architect of your daily rhythm. No more frantic dashes from place to place. Instead, mornings start with a leisurely breakfast and a heartwarming daily devotional from our cherished morning basket. We've embraced slow-paced days filled with evening bike rides, nature scavenger hunts, flower-picking escapades, and impromptu picnics. No more carpool chaos or homework battles after seven long hours at a desk. It's a tranquil haven that has worked wonders, especially for our easily distracted little learners.

2.) A Bounty of Leisure Time

Say goodbye to marathon school days. In our homeschool, lessons rarely stretch beyond three hours, leaving us with a surplus of precious time. Afternoons brim with adventures like bonding with homeschool friends at the local bounce house, horseback riding lessons, and idyllic picnics on beautiful days.

3.) The Blossoming Social Butterfly

In just a month, our once shy daughter blossomed into a vibrant socialite. "She's really coming out of her shell," we heard, and she astounded us by joining a cheerleading team, performing with unwavering courage. The child who once hesitated to play with neighborhood kids now clamors for playdates.

4.) Online School is Much Different Than Homeschool

Homeschooling offers the ultimate freedom. We're not tied to a computer screen, and we have the liberty to tailor our curriculum to our liking. No rigid schedules or subjects that fail to captivate. This flexibility has been our secret to success.

5.) The Power of One-on-One Teaching

Nothing beats personalized attention. As parents, we spot the gaps in our children's understanding and adapt lessons accordingly. Kinesthetic learner? We turn experiments into playful experiences. Sight words become hopscotch adventures on the driveway. The result? Deep-seated comprehension.

6.) Tailored Learning at Its Finest

Homeschooling allows us to delve into our child's passions. Science enthusiast? Museums become your classroom, libraries your treasure trove, and YouTube your professor. The love for learning blossoms when curiosity leads the way.

7.) Curriculum Customization

Discover the magic of choosing the perfect curriculum. When a standard lesson falls flat, we pivot. Unlike traditional schools, where one size fits all, we tailor our approach to our child's unique interests, fostering a genuine love for learning.

*Back to School 2021

As we stand on the precipice of a new school year, our homeschooling journey remains an awe-inspiring adventure. We're still weighing our options, uncertain of what the future holds, but one thing is irrefutable: the past year has gifted us memories to treasure eternally.

I'd love to hear from you. Are you a homeschool family? Have you considered homeschooling? While I'm no expert in the field, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have.


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