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Go Hard CORE!

December is SLAMMED with all sorts of stuff from shopping, holiday parties, your children's school performances, plus more & more shopping! So, how in the world are we able to squeeze in our workouts?

I'll tell you how, by taking on a NEW approach to your fitness goals. For the month of December, rather than focusing on a new PR (personal record), let's take a step back, shorten our workout and train with consistency over quantity. We are going to condition our entire body with ONE simple move. What move might that be? Glad you asked. It's THE PLANK!

On this Throwback Thursday, I want to bust out a video that I published 2 years ago that still holds valuable content. The plank is a simple move that can easily be taken to the next level when you are ready. I strongly believe that this simple move can strengthen your entire body, dramatically improve your posture, prevent injury, and even relieve stress.

Like I said in the video, you'll want to keep this challenge FUN and SPICY so here are a few other moves to add variety to your plank (if you have already established great form with the standard plank).

Low Plank Alternating Reach

Low Plank Hip Dips

Low Plank Vacuums

So, are you ready to take on this challenge?! You CAN NOT say you, "do not have time"; it literally takes less than 5 minutes. You've got this! Make your healthy and strength a priority this Holiday Season. I would also like to encourage you to get some accountability and do this with your spouse, kids, co-worker or a good friend.

Please hashtag your social media pics with #SHEDNSHRED and tag ME so I can check you out in action.


As you know, I'm always raving about my WellnessMat FitnessMat. I may sound like a broken record, but I can't even explain how incredibly worth the investment this mat is. You need to get on one to know exactly what I'm talking about. All of my clients love working out on them and admit to feeling spoiled when doing exercises on the ground that require a lot of "cush for the tush".

Give the gift of health & comfort this year and buy your loved ones and even YOURSELF a WellnessMat FitnessMat for Christmas this year.

By using my DISCOUNT CODE (Hilary) you'll save yourself 20%!!!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


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