Nursery Makeover

Hey Moms!

Today I hit the 40-week mark in my 3rd pregnancy. Whoop Whoop! There is light at the end of the tunnel. We sure can't wait to meet our girl!

Now it's just the waiting game...

While I'm waiting I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you what I've done with our sweet little girl Zoë's room.

I've figured that with all the countless hours I have spent looking at nurseries on Pinterest during this entire pregnancy I've picked up a few things worth sharing. After all, if it weren't for bloggers showcasing their beautiful nurseries then I would've never got the inspiration I longed for to decorate Zoë's,

Let me start off by explaining the "before" pics:

Once my husband and I brought everything home from the baby shower we just threw everything into the nursery and called it a night. I was so exhausted!!!

It wasn't until the next morning that I walked into the chaos- talk about scary, but also VERY exciting at the same time. My friend Angie offered to come over and help me organize it all which was so incredibly helpful! If you have a family member or friend that offers to come over and help you sort, do yourself a favor a take them up on the offer! I was indecisive about a few things and Angie really helped me look at the room from an outside perspective and put things where it made the most sense. Also, (before we dive right on in) I'd like to add that before my shower, I made sure to have a lot of shelving and cubby space to put the storage bins that I registered for. REGISTER FOR BINS! They make any room look much more organized and polished. I've also found that they help children learn to be more organized too because each belonging has it's own place to go. Ok, let's dive on in!

Before Angie came over, I separated everything into categories...

  • Clothes

  • Bows

  • Blankets

  • Burp clothes/Bibs & Bottles

  • Teething toys & Pacifiers

  • Bath Towels & Accessories

  • Diapers & Wipes

  • Medicine & Rash Creams

  • Toys & Books

This was SO helpful, it allowed Angie and I to get right to work on putting everything in its most appropriate place.

Let's start with the closet...


In the closet, we decided to cut all the tags off the clothes and I organized them by size so it's easy for me to know what she'll fit into best.

In the cubbies:

Top Left: Burp Clothes and Bibs + Pacifies/Teething Toys

Middle Left: Plush toys that will be easy for me to grab when I'm loading up the diaper bag for a day out.

Left Bottom: Diapers that are too large for her at birth.

*On the very top of the left side you'll find a box. In that box we put her socks a little booties.

Top Right: Inside the arrow basket (which I found in the bargain section at Target for $3) is filled with all of her precious bows. She has enough to wear two bows a day for a year...maybe even more!

Middle Right: Although empty in this picture (because I was washing them) holds her muslin swaddle blankets.

Bottom Right: Although empty in this pic is now filled with extra diaper-changing wipes.

*On the very top of the right side: that basket has all of her hats (beanie hats, summer hats and sunglasses).

Okay, moving on to the right side of the nursery...


Good grief, the "before" pic still haunts me when I look at, lol!

Like I said before, invest in some good shelving and the rest can be very affordable .

What we did:

-Hung the wreath that I made for my friends baby shower (and also used for mine) on the door using a Command Hook. Adds a nice touch.

-Used the storage bins that I got from my baby shower to hold her toys.

(2) Large White Weave Bins have books

(3) White/Pink Chevron Bins have different toys: Lego, Game Toys, and more Plush Toys.

The two animal bins were from Target a long time ago. These belonged to the boys, but I'm decided to keeps these two in her room so they can have a few toys of their own to play with while they are hanging out with their baby sister.

-Hamper Basket is on the right of the cubbies with