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Blue Cure Night Run 2016- Recap

I'll try to make a long story short... I met Gabe Canales (the founder of Blue Cure​ ) about 5 years ago when I worked at Fit Athletic Club. We became great friends over the years of doing radio shows and YouTube video promos together. Once he shared with me his personal battle with prostate cancer and how he overcame it, we grew even closer. Right now, Gabe is on a mission to educate the community on healthy eating and physical movement for cancer prevention as well as shine a light on prostate cancer.

(Find out more about the Blue Cure by CLICKING HERE.) So, when Gabe asked me to be on the advertisements for the 2016 Blue Cure Night Run, of cours I said, "HECK YEAH"! I'm really happy with how they came out. The ad below went into Local Houston Magazine...

Now for a recap on the event!

Although I failed to get good images of us using them, I HAVE to tell you about the 4id glow accessories we took with us to the event to add to our glow fun.

We hooked our PowerOrbz on our stroller. I LOVED having this on there for a big added glow. You can hook this on anything: bike, backpack, or Halloween bucket (think ahead) and etc.

I wore my PowerArmz light up arm band. Its strap adjusts to fit any sized arm. It's surprisingly comfortable. I kept forgetting it was there.

BRYCE wore my PowerStepz on his shoes. These light up automatically when you step. He felt really cool having them on during the race.

BRAYDEN wore his blue PowerSpurz. These are great! They hook onto the back of your shoe and his didn't even budge! Stayed onto his shoe for the entire event. I was worried that they only fit adult shoes, but clearly that work with any size.

Find out more about 4id and their other products by CLICKING HERE.

I wanted to make sure I told you about 4id because they were such a hit and I know you and/or your family will love them too. Our kiddos will be using these again for Halloween and other outdoor, safe play.

Make SURE you don't miss next years Blue Cure Night Run! Look for my post about it next summer. I'll be blasting away again. #sorrynotsorry

MOST IMPORTANTLY take care of your health! Although cancer is a tricky monster you can take action TODAY by making a commitment to move daily. eat more plant based foods, and limiting your alcohol and sugar consumption.

For more information on Prostate Cancer Awareness please visit:

As always, thanks for reading! XOXO


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