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"Mama Gone Fab" Phase 1

YOU asked, so I delivered. I've had so many moms ask me how they can get back in shape after having their baby; so I partnered up with Baby Chick to give you a 12-Week Workout plan. •NO gym membership needed •NO nanny needed •NO time for long workouts required Girrrrl, I've got your back and the best part of all- it's 100% FREE!!! I put together 12 weeks of workouts specifically designed for YOU! Yo, I seriously poured my heart, my 10 years of parental experience, and my 14 years of personal training experience into this plan.

Full Length Video Workouts giving you step-by-step instructions.

  • Workouts Cards to save

  • Workouts at home

  • 5min Workouts

  • Workouts using your crib

  • Workouts using your jogger/stroller


Welcome Mama's! Let's go and get FAB!!!

Week 1- "Cardio Mama"

Week 2- "Mama Strong"

Week 3- "Legs for Days"

Week 4- "Total Body Work"

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