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6 Days in Sedona

A lot of you follow my blog for health and fitness inspiration so I’m going to start with an important disclosure: I do not diet while on vacation! (Insert: Dikembe Mutombo “No no no“ finger wave). I also don‘t go off the rails. More on how I form balance on vacation in an upcoming blog post.

My husband, Cody, and I got a wild hair to go on an extended vacation for our eight year wedding anniversary. We landed on Arizona after discussing our mutual love for dryer weather and adventure. The romance of Sedona pulled us in and absolutely delivered.

There are so many incredible resorts to choose from when planning a trip to Sedona, AZ, but only one checked all the boxes: L’Auberge de Sedona. Once we booked our 5-night/6-day stay, I went to work on our (loose) itinerary. The whole point of vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself, but I’m pretty stoked to share that we not only enjoyed lots of down time, but we also managed to squeeze in pretty much everything on our bucket list.

Here’s how it went…

June 23, Thursday - Travel day!

Once we got settled into our our private cottage, we got dressed up and walked to dinner at 89Agave. We were so hungry that I forgot to take pics, but I sure wish I did because it was DELICIOUS! One of our favorite meals from the entire trip. Cody ordered the Fish Street Tacos, I got the Pork Street Tacos. We ended up sharing them so we each had both. The Fish Street Tacos were better! Also, their Patron Margarita is superb! This was the best welcome. Shoutout to our waiter Jake!

On our way back for the night we stopped by The Fudge Company for a treat. Tough to choose just one, but we shared a slice of the ”Bell Rock“ (Rocky Road) fudge. We still can‘t stop talking about how good that was!

June 24, Friday - Shopping Day!

Workout: I did a FASTerWay Arm Workout in the L’Auberge gym. Their gym is a decent size with multiple Peloton bikes & complimentary login.

Shopping and Sightseeing: Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

We found a couple things to bring home to the kids. Other than that we just really enjoyed the culture and live music.

Late Lunch: Cress on Oak Creek. This restaurant is conveniently located at L’Auberge so it was really nice to have this option so close by. It also happens to be one of the most green and calming places in Sedona. We indulged in their amazing burgers right on the creek line so we could listen to the water roll by. Very peaceful and romantic!

Winery 1912 (no reservations needed) Overall great vibe and scenery. We ordered flights and enjoyed the Live band. June-September is monsoon season -fyi! Fortunately for us we didn’t experience any extreme weather events, but we did enjoy watching the clouds roll over the mountains on this particular night. At one point we were blessed with a rainbow.

June 25, Saturday - First Hike!

Brins Mesa Hike

Trail Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 3 miles

Elevation: 5056ft

Being our first hike we didn’t know what to expect, but it was calm and beautiful. This hike is not one of the busier ones so you don’t have to worry about dodging crowds. Also, we were told we would need a bikers water pack. I ordered the Water Buffalo Hydration Backpack from Amazon and it worked out perfectly.

Surprisingly casual with a killer view. Our food was great. I originally ordered the Double Bacon Cheeseburger and Cody orderer the Pesto Turkey Club with Mom’s Garden Salad, but when it arrived I made him trade with me. Ha! I’m glad I did - I nearly licked the plate!

The ice cream is most definitely worth every calorie! Cupcakes - not so much. This place always has a line out the door, but it moves fast. I had the Funfetti Ice Cream scoop and it made for the perfect treat on that hot Summer day.

June 26, Sunday ANNIVERSARY 🥂🍾🌹

Workout: Did another FASTerWay workout

•Day at the pool!!!

Dinner reservations at Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill

*Note: Mariposa is by Reservations Only and fills up quickly. We made reservations over a month before our trip which was recommended to us by multiple people.

June 27, Monday - Second Hike!

Devils Bridge Hike

Trail Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 4.2 miles

Elevation: 4675ft

•Lunch at Chipotle

At this point in our vacation, Cody and I were ready to eat healthy again, lol! Grilled Chicken Salad for the win.

June 28, Tuesday - Travel Day!

As we wrapped up our trip, I started thinking about what surprised me the most throughout the trip:

  1. The incredible smell the second you step out of the car. I believe it’s the sycamore trees. So fresh! Whatever it was has become my most favorite smell.

  2. How green and lush Sedona was in parts. Particularly at Oak Creek.

  3. The up and down weather. Some mornings were in the low 60’s. Also, it rains a ton during the summer months in Sedona. It showered at least once a day while we were there, but never for long.

  4. That our resort would have two shower options - inside and outside.

  5. How much I would enjoy taking a shower outside :) !

  6. That Cody would miss the kids more than me.

If you’re still here, thank you for reading this far. While I’m not a travel blogger, I do really enjoy sharing our life experiences, especially if it might help you along your journey.

Did I miss you favorite spot in Sedona? Please add it to the comments on my Sedona post here! I have a feeling we’ll be back.

Lastly, Happy Anniversary Cody Hall! You make life so much fun. Cheers to the next 8. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us.




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