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Guilt-Free Summer Cocktails

The sun is out and boy is it toasty! Today, I’m sharing with you three of my favorite Summer cocktails that are not only low-carb/low-sugar, but delicious and refreshing.

If you're anything like me, you like specific drinks for specific moods. That's exactly why I'm sharing with you a cocktail that's fruity (pool side vibes), one that's spicy (house party flow), and one with a ginger kick (date night at home + chill).

Enjoy, babes!

Keto Spiked Strawberry Slushy

If you're a fan of Strawberry Daiquiris you are going to love this keto spin-off. Although I call this a "keto" recipe, it's not entirely keto. You can reduce the total carbs by using less frozen strawberries and replacing it with ice and/or using a diet ginger ale instead of Reed's Ginger Beer Zero Sugar (14 grams of carbs per 12oz).

If you're not a fan of Tajin it would be fun to add some sugar-free/dairy-free whipped cream as a topping. I like Reddi Wip Non-Dairy Coconut Whipped Cream. Either way, this drink is so much fun and makes for the perfect poolside companion.

My friend Jennifer and I made this together at her house last month. She posted the recipe on her TikTok and it went viral. You can see the fun video by clicking here. We're basically #TikTokFamous now. Ha!


3oz Vodka

2 cans Citrus Punch Truly Hard Seltzer or Watermelon White Claw

12oz Reed's Ginger Beer Zero Sugar or Ginger Ale

4 Limes, juiced

2 cups Frozen Strawberries

*Optional: Tajin and Fresh Strawberries

Serves 3.


  1. Run a lime wedge around the rim of your glasses and then dip the glass rim in Tajin seasoning.

  2. Blend vodka, Truly, ginger beer, limes and strawberries in a high-powered blender.

  3. Pour evenly between 3 glasses.

  4. Add a fresh strawberry to the rim for appeal.

  5. Enjoy!

Macros: P 1g / C 25g / F 1g

Grams of Sugar: 8

Keto-Friendly Moscow Mule

You'll notice a common theme in these recipes... I love lime and ginger. There is no denying it! This recipe is my personal favorite because it spotlights both.

As far as ginger beer goes, I have yet to meet one I didn't like. Reed's Ginger Beer has an "extra ginger" flavor that I use most often. It's got a nice kick of spice if you are into that. I personally love it! Other brands like Zevia, Gosling, and Virgil's offer really delicious sugar-free ginger beer options as well.

Pro Tip: to keep your Mule cold longer, I suggest drinking it out of a copper mug. Plus they're so cute.


3oz Vodka

8oz Reed's Ginger Beer Zero Sugar

2 tbsp Lime Juice


*Optional: Mint leaves and a lime wedge.

Serves 2.


  1. Pour all ingredients except the garnishing items into a Cocktail Shaker.

  2. Shake gently and serve over ice.

  3. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and a lime wedge.

  4. Enjoy!

Macros per serving: P 0g / C 6g / F 1g

Grams of Sugar: 0

Keto Spicy Margarita

Being born and raised in Texas, Spicy Margarita runs through my blood. If spicy isn't your thing, you can omit the jalapeño and chili powder making it a deliciously sweet margarita.

Another option to make this margarita perfect for your liking it to swap the LaCroix for a White Claw. It will certainly make your margarita stronger, but changes the flavor quite a bit. I personally like it either way,

The fresh lime and monk fruit sweetener add a bit of carbs to this recipe. You could swap both for a diet (pre-made) margarita mix. I prefer to use fresh ingredients over mixes because it's easier on my tummy, but either way it will taste delicious and is perfect for a hot Summer afternoon.

Ingredients: 3oz Tequila

1 can Lime LaCroix or Lime White Claw

3 tbsp Monk Fruit (powder)

1oz Lime Juice



  1. Run a lime wedge along the rim of the margarita glasses then dip them into Tajin or Margarita salt.

  2. Pour all ingredients into a high-powered blender (except the optional items). Blend well.

  3. Pour evenly between two glasses.

  4. Garnish with cilantro, jalapeño, and a dash of cayenne pepper to taste.

  5. Enjoy!

Macros: P 0 / C 18 / F 0

Grams of Sugar: 0

If one of these rocked your world, I would love to hear about it!! Tell me by dropping a comment on my latest IG post.

You can shop the items in this post here.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Cheers!

When you make purchases using the links in my posts I earn a small commission which helps financially support this blog and my family.

Thank you in advance!


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