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Trail Run Workout + Warm-Up

Well, today is not on a Track; it's on a Trail. A BEAUTIFUL Trail might I add!

Let's not speed right past the warm-up and jump straight into the workout-out! NO, don't do it! Let's take an extra 5-10min to warm-up our muscles and take care of our bodies before we put it through a high-stress workout! Trust me, you'll thank me later!

Here is why... A proper warm-up serves two definite purposes:

#2. Prevent Injury: Once your muscles are warmed-up and activated (by way of the 'hip swings' see below) your brain is signaling to the body to... "Wake up! It's time to WORK!"

I've learned the hard way that not properly warming up can cause hip, knee, leg pain & even Plantar Faciitis (NO FUN!) These moves only take 5-10min and save you hours from pain! Lateral Leg Raises- Right Leg (10 Reps) Lateral Leg Raises- Left Leg (10 Reps) Vertical Leg Pumps- Right Leg (10 Reps) Vertical Leg Pumps-Left Leg (10 Reps) Hip Circles- Clockwise/Counter Clockwise (10 Reps each Direction) Jumping Jacks (20-30 Reps) You don't have to repeat the set or be limited by the reps I recommended. This is the time to focus on connecting your mind to your muscles. Listen to your body. Do more repetitions if you need to in order to loosen up your hips. Repeat the whole set if you need a longer warm-up. I recommend repeating this set in colder months especially as you'll need more work to heat up the body.

"Trail Pyramid Workout"

By Hilary Hall

Warm-Up: "Track Day Warm-Up" Video (see below)

Jog for 5min (easy pace)

Walk for 1min

Jog for 6min (moderate pace)

Walk for 2min

Jog for 7min (mod pace)

Walk for 3min

Jog for 8min (mod pace)

Walk for 4min

Jog for 9min (mod pace)

Walk for 5min

Jog for 10min (mod pace)

Recovery Walk for 3-5min

=60 Minutes

I sure hope you found this helpful. I'd love to have your feedback in the comment box below!

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