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My love for FitnessMats!

Hey you awesome Shredders!!!

Wanted to share something with you that I am very excited about. My business affiliate FitnessMats has just launched a NEW mat called the MobileMat.

I personally love to take my FitnessMats with me everywhere: to Shed 'n Shred Fit Camp, to my clients houses, and of course I drag one all over my house for my own workouts. I've found FitnessMats to be the best compliment to my workouts because of the support it offers my joints and spine. Just think about the impact you get from landing a Tuck Jump. Do one on a FitnessMat and you'll suddenly feel like you're landing on clouds (so fluffy!!!).

Same goes for the stress we put on our wrists when doing Push-Ups or elbows when we do (low) Planks. My personal issue since childhood has been sitting (or worse balancing) on my tail-bone. I had a rough roller skating fall when I was in middle school and my tail-bone has never been the same which is why the popular ab exercise the "Russian Twist" has always been a struggle for me. Now, I can finally do them in comfort with my FitnessMat. Thank you FitnessMats <3

Moving on...

Ok, so I wanted to share with you that FitnessMats just released their NEW MobileMat! It's a 5’ x 2’ x 5/8” portable mat that has an integrated hinge seam with comfortable carrying handles for ease and convenience. I'm so excited about getting mine in the mail next week so that I can start to bring it with me to my client's homes for training. I got to experiment with one of the MobileMats when I had the opportnunity to work FitnessMats booth at the IHRSA Convention 2015 in LA earlier this year. Since leaving the event I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for this release. I'm so glad it's finally here!

For you (my incredible Shred Tribe) I am giving my coupon code to use at check-out, but before you make your purchase let me tell you about a couple other amazing reason why you are about to make your best investment...

  • Suspends body weight for incredible support

  • Easily sanitized and inherently antimicrobial

  • Non-slip top and bottom

  • 7-year performance warranty

  • Proudly made in the USA

BOOM! Now those are just a few reasons why Hilary is in LOVE with FitnessMats.

Use COUPON CODE: Hilary (to Save 20% Discount off MSRP)

Please do me a favor and please let me know what you think about the mat and what exercises you love doing on your mat most. You can find some of my personal favorite exercises to do at home on my mat on my YouTube Channel.

Thanks Shred Nation!

Live Healthy!

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