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Shoulder Smasher Workout

Who wants nice, rounded, sculpted shoulders? I know I do!!! It's an area of my body that I work extra hard on in order to get size. Most weeks I train Shoulders 2-3x/wk. I give them plenty of rest between workouts, but I'm not shy about pushing their limit when I'm in the gym. Our workout today... Warm-Up: Light Jog for 5-Minutes + Do 1 Light Set (5lbs Dumbbells) of Shoulder Presses. Preform 2 sets of 20.

1.) Rear Delt Fly, 15 Reps 4x ((not too heavy, keep straight arms)) 2.) Arnold Presses, 12 Reps 4x ((go heavy or go home)) 3.) Front Raises, 20 Reps 3x ((medium weights, it should burn by rep 12)) 4.) Parallel Presses, 20 Reps 3x ((same as above)) 5.) Reverse Grip Presses, 20 Reps 3x ((same as above)) Top your workout off with a 30min Power Walk on the Treadmill. Incline: 5% - Speed: 3.5 Try not to hold on!!! Pump those arms and prepare to sweat! I'd love to know what you think about my workouts!

Please comment below and send me your workout requests.

***Video & Music Created in iMovie

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