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Outdoor Workout with your Kids

Outdoor Workout w/ your Kids

This workout was tough, but a lot of fun! It's getting hot here in Houston, TX this summer so when we take our workouts outside we like them to be short & sweet!

My boys are now 9 & 7 years old. I'd recommend that this be the youngest age range for your children to try these workouts. Other things to consider: the heat; what time of year you are doing this workout and where you are living. If it’s super-hot where you live then I would recommend starting out by doing ½ this workout. Lastly, consider you and your child’s fitness level; if neither one of you have been active then I would recommend that you give 60-70% of maximum effort during this workout. You can gradually workout your way up to giving you 100%!

Oh and while I'm preaching about safe, let me go ahead and add...wear sunscreen!

You can do this workout 1x/wk for 6-weeks and see how you guys advance. Record the amount of time it took for you guys to finish each exercise on the first day you try this workout and then record again 6-weeks later. You'll be blown away by your improvements!

What you need:

  • Cones

  • Running Shoes

  • A Hill

The Workout:


  • 20 Jumping Jacks

  • 2-minute Jog (in place)

(Take plenty of time between sets to recover and start the next set strong.)

  • Incline Sprints, 8x (be sure to do a couple sets in which you are racing your kids!)

  • Uphill Side Shuffle, 8x (this is fun to do facing your child and holding hands)

  • Lateral Side Shuffle, 10 touches (3 Sets)

  • Suicide Sprints, 5 Cones to Touch (2 Sets)

  • Uphill Forward Jump Squats, 1-2x


Slow 5-minute Walk

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video. My passion is to get parents and their kids’ outdoors and active together. Kids make excellent accountability partners because they never let you forget what you said (am I right!?!?) and they have more energy than we could ever dream of having again.

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Live Healthy,


This video & music was created in iMovie

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