Our One Year of Bliss

I'm going to start this blog off by saying: This is going to be the longest blog that I have ever posted! Consider yourself warned.

Where it all started...

Cody and I met at a very difficult time for the both of us; I was going through a divorce and he had been laid off his engineering job. We often reflect back to this time in our life and think about how we were not looking for love at all. I committed to being single for at least a year after my divorce to work on making myself a better person and to also work my butt off in my career to give my boys the best I could. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship, but after a mutual friend of ours introduced us to each other there was no denying our sudden fall for one another.

We didn't start "dating" until my divorce was finalized, which was just a few months after getting to know each other. I'll spare you on all the mushy details on the qualities that I loved most about him, but I have to say that Cody was (to me) what a man should be. He was kind to people, he respected my goals, he held the door for me, and most of all he was loving to my boys.

Other bonus: he loved health and fitness! That sure makes life easier.

After 4 years of growing together and truly getting to know each other… I mean rrreally getting to know each other; the good, the bad, and the ugly, Cody finally proposed. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate him taking his time and proposing when he did. It worked a lot of patience in me which was difficult at times, but the foundation we grew through the years of learning more about each other made it worth wait.

Cody was home for a quick weekend break while working on a project in Indiana (for nearly 7-months at this point) when he popped the question. His proposal was like the one you dream about as a little girl hoping to find her Prince Charming one day. It was perfect! The only sad part was that he had to leave and go back to Indiana for another 3-months. We were fine though. The long-distance relationship situation just brought us a whole lot closer.

My dear friend Michelle (the one to the right of me in the pink/purple stripes) threw me a breath-takingly beautiful bridal shower. I will never forget her for doing this for me. It was the most beautiful party I have ever seen. The pics we got don't do it any justice. I'm so grateful for my wonderful girlfriends! I've been blessed with so many great women in my life! Not sure what I would do without them.

Once Cody was finally home (from his project), we were able to start working on our wedding details. I'm sure my family is still annoyed with all the changes we made during the time of planning. First we were going to do a small perfect garden wedding at Tiny Boxwoods (I'm still heart-broken that we didn't go through with this idea), then we were going to get married on our Disney Cruise, and then we finally just decided to get married privately together with just us and the kids. It was really special for us to have it that way.

Our Wedding Website: Click Here

The Dress by Winnie Couture

Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow

Bracelet, Earrings & Garter (borrowed from friend, Jamie)

Necklace (borrowed from my sister, Karisa)

My Hair & Make-up was done by the talented Misty Rockwell. My dear friend Jamie helped keep me touched up.

We did the "First Look"! I had my dress hidden in our closet almost a year and was FINALLY able to wear it for him. I couldn't wait for him to see it.