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For as long as I can remember, I've been reading Women's Health Magazine from cover to cover! In high school, reading Women's Health Magazine is what gave me the tools I needed to become a better runner and to choose foods that were packed with the most nutrients to provide my body with its ultimate source of fuel. Now as an adult managing my own personal business in the health and fitness field I still rely on Women's Health Magazine as my source for finding...

Women's Health Magazine hosts an annual event that gives hard-working fitness professionals, like me, an opportunity to audition to become"The Next Fitness Star". How cool is that? The WINNER will get their own DVD Workout released as well as a spread in Women's Health Magazine.

I've been interested in auditioning since last year so perhaps I'll take that jump in 2016. In the meantime, I've looked over the 2015 finalist and I'm sharing my personal favorite with you today. I've chosen Christine because I love her poise and confident on camera. I also think you'll love her incredible certs (listed below her pic). She's got a background in everything which makes her workouts fun, fresh, exciting and effective! I also found her incredibly relatable by the personal struggle she has experienced with adrenal fatigue. I too have had more than my fair share of run-ins with adrenal fatigue. The struggle is REAL and not fun at all. It's emotional draining and frustrating because it's all based off unpredictable hormonal responses. If you are interested in learning more about adrenal fatigue, please comment below and I would love to do a whole blog write up about it. It's something that is not talked about enough which is why I reached out to Christine. I wanted to know more about how she balances her training with adrenal fatigue and what advice she has for 30-somethings looking to get in great shape. See her answers below.

Practicing what she preaches, Christine Bullock has turned her expertise and passion for fitness, nutrition, and beauty into a dynamic lifestyle business. As an accomplished ballerina who started dancing at age three, Bullock has a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and insight into the importance of a consistent athletic routine and ongoing healthy eating habits. Passionate about helping others attain health and happiness, she has spent over 17 years working with health and beauty industry leaders all over the globe and has counseled and trained thousands of people to improve their health and well-being both inside and out. Bullock has certifications in Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Pre & Post-Natal, and is also certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Counselor.

Q&A: Christine Bullock, Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Finalist 1.) How did you know that you had adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue can occur from prolonged stress. First, I recognized that I had fatigue all day, even after long hours of sleep, as well as the inability to handle stress, higher energy levels in the evening, the inability to fall asleep easily, and a weakened immune system. After these symptoms kept getting worse over years, I realized something was truly wrong. I had extensive testing from a physician which revealed that my adrenals had basically shut down. This leads to a decreased number of hormones and those hormones affect many other parts of the body.

2.) How did you overcome adrenal fatigue?

I had to start from the beginning in order to repair my body from the inside out. First I focused on reducing the stress in my life and conserving energy. I sought restorative yin yoga to naturally lower my cortisol levels. Then I focused on replenishing my body with the right nutrition. I decreased stimulants like coffee and sugar, that can drain a lot of energy from the body, while working on repairing my digestive system. I added fermented foods with natural probiotics to increase my good bacteria, bone broth to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, plus I increased my intake of super foods with the highest amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

3.) What is the “perfect balance" for you?

I listen to my body every day. I combine different workouts based on the amount of time in my day, the amount of demands from my job and my general energy levels. I combine high intensity, Pilates, dance, yoga, kick-boxing, weight training, paddle-boarding and meditation. I love it all! I also balance my nutritional program focusing on wholesome vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, lots of healthy fats, and gluten-free grains.

4.) How do you know when you are over-training and what do you do to get back to being balanced?

You know you are over-training when you notice signs of joint pain, lack of focus and energy during workouts or throughout the day. Also watch out for muscle soreness, insomnia and/or an insatiable thirst.

5.) Is HIIT (high intensity interval training) okay for people that are struggling with adrenal fatigue?

I personally felt I needed to take a break from intense, uber-stimulating exercises, such as high intensity interval training or heavy weight training, to conserve my energy. Once I start to feel my energy levels balance, I began adding them back again because I love (love, love, love) these exercise modalities. I combine it with other forms of strengthening that are less taxing, like Pilates or restorative yoga.

6.) Advice you'd like to give women in their 30's that are wanting to get in shape, but don't know where to start...

Stop wasting your time on the elliptical and treadmill or with the same old workout. It may have been effective at one time, but we all hit a plateau if we continue to repeat the same workout. Perform quick and effective workouts, boosting your heart rate and metabolism. Use the small time you have in the morning, on a lunch break, between getting the kids to sports, or while dinner prepares, to do 10-20 minute workouts throughout the day. You don’t need any props, except your body. Take 1-2 days a week to go to a class you love and that rejuvenates or inspires you, like kick-boxing or yoga.

I sure hope you enjoy Christine's story like I do. Her answers to my questions line straight up with what I believe.

Train smart & live healthy!



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