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Third Trimester Must Haves

This week I turn 34 weeks pregnant and I have to admit, although I am really excited about meeting our little bun in the oven, I am little sad that my pregnancy is coming to an end. Yea, I'm one of those weirdo's that thoroughly enjoys being pregnant. Although this pregnancy has been the hardest on my body, I'm still going to miss feeling her little kicks and jabs in my tummy.

If you missed my 2nd Trimester Must Haves blog be sure to go back and check that one out because I am still using all of those items! However, now that I'm in the final stretch I've added a few extra favorites to my routine that are helping make these tough three months feel a little more blissful. I sure hope you find them helpful!

Here they are...

Most of my workouts are done at-home these days because I've been so busy with work and preparing our house for a new addition. It's nice to be able to drop down to the MobileMat (not the hard wood floors) and do some stretching or knee push-ups. If you are working out while pregnant, you most certainly need to protect your joints, ligaments and bones and this mat is the only one in the market that will give you the support your body needs.

***This month only: Buy One, Get One FREE!

Activewear that looks super cute and trendy, but underneath it all offers the support your bump needs in order to make it through prenatal yoga, in-home workouts, and outdoor strolls. Go ahead and pinch yourself because IT'S TRUE!

I ordered myself a top and pants hoping that I would love MumBerry as much as I thought I would and I am now a HUGE fan. My favorite part is that they flatter your naturally growing body by hiding those little areas that aren't as tight as they usually know what I'm talking about? For me it's the back fat!

When I was pregnant with each of my boys I had no problem at all with feeling like I needed extra support, now with my girl- TOTAL OPPOSITE! I've been all over the map looking for any kind of support I can possibly get. This belt turned me off at first because of the multiple attachments, but honestly, this has been my saving grace! Once you get used to getting strapped into it, you will absolutely agree!

Find it on by clicking HERE.

Please tell me you also feel like a nice tan shaves 10lbs off of you! For a really beautiful, natural looking tan I use this self-tanner, I have for a couple years now. I typically avoid my stomach now that I am pregnant, but I love how it makes my arms, neck, and legs glow. This is one easy way to make yourself feel fabulous even when you're feeling anything but.

I would also like to recommend that facial towelettes! It's much better for the pores on your face.

You can find Brazilliance at Sephora, Macy's and online.

Pregnant or not, Pink Blush has some of the cutest outfits I've ever seen. I bought two different dresses from them for each of my baby showers. The one below I just wore to a shower that my girlfriends put together for me. I have another one coming up that I'll show you soon.

When in your third trimester you MUST own at least one maxi dress. They are simple, comfortable, and ever-so elegant.

Not sure if I'm alone here, but at night I feel as though I'm an asthmatic. My chest feels really heavy and I have to take deep breaths. At times I also feel like I'm suffocating; it can be really scary. I've got a friend that recommended I sleep with a diffuser. I started off using Thieves, and am now using Gentle Baby. I've noticed that I'm sleeping better through the night and waking up more rested. It may be in my head, but I also feel like I'm breathing a lot better too.

After seeing so many mommy blogger highlight raspberry leaf tea, I started to do some research. WOWZA!!! The benefits of drink raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy is unending! Here are just a few reasons to drink up...

Easing of Morning Sickness

Easing of morning sickness and gentle relief of nausea and stomach problems throughout pregnancy.

Easier Pregnancy

High vitamin & mineral content may help with bleeding gums, leg cramps, swelling in late pregnancy, and promote restful sleep.

More Effective Labor

Strengthening and toning of the muscles used during labor and delivery, for easier and shorter second stage labor.

I'm pretty sure that you're already sold, but I'd also like to add that heartburn has been kicking my butt at night, right before bed (of course- ugh), but Raspbelly nips it in the bud EVERY time! Score!

I'm got two more bonus Must Haves for you that I just simply can't leave off this list.

This book...y'all!!! It's soooo good! Each chapter represents every month of pregnancy and dishes out the ultimate resources to finding the essentials you need and otherwise want. I'm talking bloggers, strollers, car seats, mom groups, etc. It's not just about the surface which is probably what you got out of the title (like originally did), but it's much deeper than that. I think you'll really enjoy it!

Follow with me as I read just one chapter a month so I can start on track with the month of pregnancy that I'm in.

10. Dates

So, I LOVE dates. Give me a reason to eats dates and I'm one giddy happy girl. Studies show that if you eat 6 dates a day in your final month of pregnancy you can decrease your chance of having a late arrival. Both of my boys were late so come March 1st, I will most certainly be eating 6 dates a day...with a huge smile on my face too. I warmly welcome date recipes!

Warm wishes for you and your sweet bundle! We're almost there girlfriend!

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