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"Sent From Heaven" Baby Shower

This insanely beautiful maxi dress by PinkBlush Maternity Maxi Dress came just in time for my sweet mini baby shower this past weekend.

Over the years my clients have become my best friends. Today they showered Lil Miss Zoe Lynn Hall with an amazing "Sent From Heaven" themed party because (they say) having a little girl is my moms gift to me. (I lost my mom when I was 8yrs old to a sudden brain aneurysm). I couldn't be more grateful for the people God has placed in my life.

I wanted to share the pics we got from the special event plus give some tips on DIY.

Above: My two sweet hosts Aimee & Rekha

What a beautiful cake! Aimee made the "Z, O, E" out of coffee filters and cardboard. I saved them and have added them to Zoe's nursery. (I'll do a blog post on her nursery once it's complete).

The girls making Zoe handmade bows. This is was so special! I love having bows made by my girls.

Here are a couple bows that were made.

FYI- Aimee ordered the Bow-Making Kit from Etsy. That's an easy and safe way to making bows. That way you have everything you need.

My friend Michelle's beautiful little girl. She's only 1 month old, so tiny! I'm so glad that Michelle was able to get her out for the first time and have some girl-time. What a beautiful little angel. She slept the whole time. I never wanted to put her down.

DIY Tip: The girls were asking about my hair. That's not a headband; that is literally my OWN hair. I'm a huge fan of boho and halo headbands are my currently my obsession.

CLICK HERE to see how to do it. It's SUPER easy!

Michelle with her little bundle that was stretching out when I took this pic (prrrrecious!)

I made my own "Thank You" Hostess Gifts. This can be a very affordable way to let your hard-working hosts feel loved and appreciated.

Price Breakdown-

Buckets: Target (Dollar Section) $3/ea

Wine: Rose from Vintage Select Wines (you could find one from any grocery store), $15+

Foot Scrub: Five Below, $3/ea

Bubble Bath: Target, $9/ea

Homemade Sugar Scrub: Plus make the topper with paper that you have. I had a butterfly cut out that I placed on top. I used THIS RECIPE to make the sugar scrub and added red food coloring to make it pink. $3/ea (estimate)

Mason Jars: Target, $6.50 (4-Pack)

= $39.50/ea

This is the best way to encourage your hosts to indulge in a spa night for themselves. They deserve it!

Ah, my heart is filled with so much gladness. Not sure what I did to deserve such great friends, but I'm so grateful nonetheless.

One thing that I am learning as I'm getting older and having suffered the hurt of failed friendships is that it's not about having a certain number of friends, it's about having a number of friends you can be certain of that matters most.

I haven't always been great at letting my loved know just how valuable they are to me, but it's something I am working really hard to getting better at.



6 weeks to go till Baby Zoe's arrival!

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