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3 Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness Today

Someone just asked me a question on one of my Instagram posts. The conversation went like this...

@gracekarik hi! I did this workout yesterday & I am so sore today! Love it as I'm working those muscles "so good" while raising my heart rate! Any tips to lessen the muscle soreness? Thanks! So glad I found your IG!

Me: @gracekarik So glad you did it & are feeling it's glory today! Not gonna lie- I was so sore too! I'm still building up strength from pregnancy. Okay so I would...

  1. Drink A Lot of Water Today...& tomorrow too for that matter! At least 1/2 your current body weight in ounces.

  2. Get Moving. Take a nice, medium-to-long distance walk today (30-45min) depending on your current fitness level. Follow your walk with a lengthy stretch. Take your time stretching each major muscle allowing it to relax and lengthen.

  3. You want to feel really awesome tomorrow? Take a Hot Epsom Salt Bath. Use 1/2 Cup -1 Cup of Epsom Salt. Soak for at least 20min or as long as you can tolerate.

These are the 3 ways I personally combat soreness, I certainly hope they help you as well.

Happy Training Shredders!

***I've extended my original response to her in this blog to better serve a bigger audience.

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