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Top 8 Summer Pool Bag Essentials

Next week is our last week of school before SUMMER BREAK! I'd love to say that I'm looking forward to sleeping in with the kids, but our youngest is only 14-months old and her idea of "happy hour" is play-time at 6:30am. {Whyyyyyyyy???} Nonetheless, I am looking forward to a break from school activities and mandatory event meetings.

Our 11 and 9 year old boys are already talking about spending long days at our community pool and with this being our little Zoe's first year to go to the pool, I've prepared myself ahead of time. BAG. IS PACKED.

Here is what I've got...

Each of my children got their own SwimWays float for their first year in the pool. The canopy protects them from the sun and the float keeps them secure above water. It's light in weight; it's wonderful! Can't say enough good things about this float. Click HERE to purchase.

Love this line! Summer is just getting started, but this spray has already been so helpful in bringing my daughters hair back to life. We're in the sun a lot for her brothers football games and practices; CoCo Cadana spray has been a lifesaver! They also have a shampoo/conditioner that I strongly recommend for cleaning chlorine out of your child's hair! Click HERE to purchase.

I appreciate that this sunscreen comes out white because it helps me to know what part of the body didn't get protected so I can make sure to cover it. This particular sunscreen has worked the best for our family so far. No sunburns. I don't have to reapply as frequently as others. Click HERE to purchase.

Our boys love these particular goggles, I believe it's because of the eye coverage- they don't experience a lot of leaks and they don't get pain around their eyes. Click HERE to purchase.

Bug repellent always scares me with little kids, but I'm 100% stress-free about Bad Bugs. It's DEET free and non-toxic. No harmful chemicals which makes this momma so happy! Click HERE to purchase.

The graphic towels are so fun. This lobster towel is really cute! These are already in the bag because unfortunately they're what I forget most frequently. {Turn that car around mom!}

I've already put the kids swimsuits in the pool bag so that way if we need to run an errand before we head over to the pool, we can take the bag with us and run out the door. I found the ones featured in the above and below images at Target.

Well, this one doesn't need much explaining. Not sure about you, but I want easy clean up! Click HERE to purchase.

Other items to consider that are not pictured... Sun Hat(s), Book or Magazine, Sandals, Camera, Hand Sanitizer/Wet Wipes, Giant Ziplock Bag (or money, wallets, keys and phones, Snacks, Baby Splash Toys and/or Big Kid Toys.

Wishing you and your family a fun and safe summer!

***This is not a sponsored post, however, I am proudly affiliated with When you make purchases through my provided links you are helping this website stay afloat. Thank you in advance.

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