Christmas Gift Guide for The Shredette in Your Life

First off, Hil, what is a "Shredette"? A Shredette is the nickname I give my clients after my company name Shed 'n Shred Fitness. Anyone that follows me- my blog, my social media, my fit camps, and want to pursue a fit lifestyle is a Shredette to me! This year's Christmas Gift Guide is inspired by the fit camp I run in my garage. (You should recognize each piece from my workout videos.)

Each apparatus in this gift guide can be used for any level of fitness. Each one promotes functional training and a strong body. They are designed to challenge your entire body with every repetition. Buy one piece or buy them all and you'll have your very own home gym without the clunky machines taking up mass amounts of space.

WellnessMat FitnessMat

I've been a big advocate for FitnessMats for a very long time. For those working out on concrete (garage) or tile or even hardwood floors, a FitnessMat is a MUST... like, absolute must! It's created to suspend your body-weight protecting your spine, knees, and elbows from the hard ground below. It's also very easy to clean!

Bonus: The MobileMat folds in half and easily slides under a bed or out of the way.

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Lebert EQualizer

There isn't a muscle in your body that you can't strengthen using the Lebert EQualizer. Pull-ups, Hanging (Ab) Leg Raises, Bulgarian Split Squats are a few of my favorite exercises to do using these bars because they strengthen multiple muscles in one movement. They're lightweight and easy to store which make these a no-brainer for any fitness junkie!

Bonus: YouTube search "Equalizer Workouts" and you'll find hundreds of awesome exercises to do using them.

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If you're not familiar with suspension training let me go ahead a change your life (for the better). The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to modify difficult exercises, like a pull-up, until you master it. Once you've master an exercise the TRX can then take your bio-mechanics to the next level by making moves more challenging. Although the TRX looks very intimidating it's actually my favorite apparatus for beginners.

Bonus: Lots of TRX workouts coming to the blog soon. For now, you can find them on my Instagram @hilaryhallfitness.

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This set of bands provides you with everything you need for resistance training. Most bands come individually with their own handles, but these unique bands have hooks instead of handles so you can pack on as much resistance as you'd like while holding onto just one handle (See image below). These make for a great gift to those looking to add muscle, strength and/or definition.

Bonus: Bodylastics are small and light which make them great for traveling.

Added Bonus: Click HERE for one of my favorite workouts using these bands.

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