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5 Ways to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Anxiety

I’m guilty of having the pressure too, sister.

As social media becomes more of a place where we hang out; the more important it is that we get a hold of our own thoughts and our true self. Overwhelming thoughts like: is this pic “gram-worthy”, I’m not skinny enough, gosh she is so gorgeous, if only I were taller, I wish I could afford a vacation like that - can become debilitating if we let it. It's no wonder that thoughts of self-doubt and anxiety creep in unconsciously from the highlight reels of our peers when all it takes is 10 seconds of scrolling to see everything we “don’t have” or “aren’t doing”. It is currently summer-time so I’ll use that as a reference – in the “old days” (excuse me, where’s my cane?) we used to talk to a few friends about their summer plans and perhaps feel disappointed because we didn’t have anything exciting coming up for ourselves. Now it only takes a few seconds to see hundreds of people living their best life on beaches we’ve never even heard of.

Over the last 6 months I’ve worked really hard at changing daily patterns for myself and have become more in touch with my own thoughts and significantly suppressed my anxiety. If this relates to you in any way, keep reading! I truly believe if you make these small changes you’ll experience more peace and rest in your mind as well.

1.) Before your feet hit the ground: Read Morning Affirmations. Open the notepad app on your phone and create a new note for yourself. Title it “Read Every Morning” and begin to type out your favorite quotes, scriptures, and positive affirmations. Something I’ve personally added to my list (and think you should too) are things people have said to me. You know the ones! The heartfelt conversation you had with a loved one that told you something about yourself that you could only hope was true. They are the light compliments someone said in passing. They’re also something someone DM sent to you that you knew you were going to need on a rainy day. List those! And keep adding to your list.

This is probably the most underrated way to give yourself a big, giant boost of energy for the day.

Here are some examples to get your wheels spinning…

Quotes- Quotes I have on my list are from books I’ve read or something someone said on a podcast that resonated with me.


  • “Leaders must be tough enough to fight, tender enough to cry, human enough to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them, strong enough to absorb the pain, and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on moving.” –Jesse Jackson (Civil Rights Activist)

Affirmations- The affirmations I list are some that I’ve heard from my Pastor, and just simply things I want to believe about myself. Affirmations need to be tailored to what touches your core, your soul. Below are some that I have listed that are also true for you as well. Feel free to snag!


  • You are smart, talented, creative, and focused!

  • You are more than enough!

  • You are called.

  • You’re Heavenly Father knows you by name and even every hair on your head.

  • You’re passionate, a leader, and motivator.

  • You’re a great wife mother and mother.

Things people have said to you- People compliment you every single day and if you’re not listening, you’ll miss them. Collect the big and small compliments in your notes and let them settle in and resident in your heart. Because, my friend, they are true!


  • You’re so motivating!

  • You have a great smile.

  • I’m thankful you’re my friend.

  • You’re going to be really successful one day.

2.) During your lunch break: Breathe in Gratitude. Carve out 2-3 (20-60 second) “Gratitude Moments” a day. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to take a moment for yourself to close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Breathe in gratitude and exhale all negativity! Doing this multiple times a day keeps you in the state of gratitude which helps you take on challenges life might throw at you without them consuming you.


If you’re a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and your house is a chaotic mess, you were up all night with your newborn and beyond exhausted, you need to plan dinner – STOP and take 20 seconds to close your eyes and breathe in gratitude and exhale overwhelm. “I’m so grateful I have the beautiful opportunity to be home with my children. I’m grateful I can be here when my son/daughter hit their next milestone. I’m grateful I can make dinner for my family every night.”

3.) On a weekly basis: Get Organized. Your work space, your home space, your schedule, your children’s schedules are all areas where organization is key to decreasing stress and anxiety. The less cluttered your environment is the less overwhelm you’ll feel. Have you ever gutted out your pantry to organize it by canned goods, bags items, and boxed goodies? Ah, doesn’t it feel so much better when you’re done? It’s the BEST! It reminds me of Zig Ziglar’s quote “Slow down to speed up”. It takes time to gut everything out and puzzle place everything back in, but how easy does it make your life when the following morning you open the pantry door and grab exactly what you need. Start with a small space to organize and celebrate that win before moving on.

For tips and creative ideas to get more organized, check out:

4.) On a daily basis: Plan Ahead. Look at your calendar and review what’s coming up. Nothing causes more stress than planning for a trip… the night before the trip! Look at your calendar at least a month in advance and plan out what needs to be done for what’s to come. Be prepared to keep your sanity!

CLICK HERE to shop for planners that reduce anxiety

5.) Before your fall asleep: Journal. Before bed take a few minutes to brain dump your thoughts into a journal. This can take place during any part of your day, but I have found that journaling before bed gets me off my phone early in the evening and fills my mind with positive thoughts. If you have a newborn and/or struggling with a nighttime routine, consider going to a bookstore or local coffee shop for an hour a couple times a week to have some time alone – just you, a pen, and a notepad. There is a ton of research that backs positive results from journaling.

I don’t believe you need a specific journal to write in – it can be blank pages, but if you’re looking for a journal that guides you through topics to consider then these are beautiful options from

I’d love to know how you overcome stress and anxiety. Send me an email so I can consider adding it to this post (with credits, of course).

Until the next post, be blessed. - HiL

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