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2019 Fall Fashion Trend

According to Elle Magazine PURPLE is the Fall Fashion trend for 2019 and my online Zyia shop has got it all!

My Plum Unwind Jogger is hands down the softest, most flattering jogger on the market. I'm making it the MUST-HAVE for this Fall.

Purple is one of my absolute favorite colors which is why this trend never needs an expiration date in my opinion. Right now my online shop is jam-packed with gorgeous shades of purple. From shorts to joggers, swimsuits to runner's shorts, you are sure to find the perfect purple statement piece for autumn.

Plum Unwind Jogger

Blackberry Moto Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 24"

Plum Knit Halter Top

Plum Knit Pocket 7/8

Blackberry Twist Tank

Plum Mesh Energy Shorts

Lilac Clasp Mesh Bra

Lilac Luxe Hi-Rise 7/8 24"

Wine Pocket Brilliant Hi-Rise Capri 20"

Lavender Summer Shorts

Plum Effortless One-Piece Swimsuit

Swimsuits are not the most popular choice cooler months, but this swimsuit is the perfect choice for traveling, swimming for exercise, or a dip in the Jacuzzi.

When you think about the Fall season, what gives you the warm and fuzzies?

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