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A Quarantine Rapunzel Birthday Party

Apart from all the devastation and loss that is going on all around us, I've been so inspired by all the love and community that has been shining through the darkness. It reminds me so much of what I saw personally during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX just three years ago. Strangers from all over came together to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Zoë's birthday was no exception for kindness. We had to cancel her birthday party due to the global lock-down, but I asked my neighborhood friends if they'd be willing to pack up their crew and drive past our house to give Zoë a mini parade. Not only did they show up, they showed out. One car was throwing Mardi Gras beads, another threw balloons out the window; there was music, banners, and handmade birthday cards. It was such a beautiful sight. We're forever grateful for that.

In addition to the parade I used what I had already bought for the party to decorate our home and make the day as special as we could.

Zoë happily jumped out of bed early in the morning to throw on her Rapunzel dress. It was a toasty Texas morning, but she wore her flowy, purple gown long enough to have our mini photo shoot to document her big day.

Later, we ate her favorite thing in the world for lunch: Chick-Fil-A. Then, finally dove into the ONE thing she had to have for her birthday - the Rapunzel cake! She didn't ask for gifts. No toys. She didn't mind when her party was canceled. Our little four year old girl's only request was a Rapunzel cake. I'm still not really sure where her fascination came from, but my dear friend, Maria, made her wish come true. And boy did she deliver!

With the intention of having a party, I had bought a few things that I thought would be fun party favors. I'll save these little goodie bags for a time when we can go back to door drop-offs for our little friends to enjoy.

This turned out to be the perfect birthday celebration for our little Rapunzel.

How are you celebrating from home?



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