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Top 3 Rock-Hard Booty Exercises

This is the "Year of the Booty" according to Glamour Magazine. It's pretty obvious why...

Have you seen JLO & Iggy's latest music video for their new hit song "Booty"??? I mean, this video even made me blush!!!

Who hasn't heard Meghan Trainor's song "All About That Bass"?!?! This may be my son Bryce's most hated song, but it's the jam I go to in order to finish my last mile run.

Taylor Swift had me cracking up when she added this little scene into her "Shake It Off" music video!

Even Ellen DeGeneres got into the Booty Boosting trend when she created a spoof video of her in Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video.

My New Year's gift to you are my top 3 secret moves to rounding out and lifting my clients derrieres.

Click the link below to watch the full ABC13 segment. Notes on the exercises are in the description (on the link).

The Exercises:

One-legged Step-Back Lunge Lean forward, as if you're reaching down toward your shoe laces. That's really going to put the emphasis on the glute. Side-Lunge into a Curtsy This works different angles of both glutes. Sumo Squat Step-Touch As you go down and squeeze up, you're working the outer, lower part of your glutes.

Additional Tips:

-Cut the sugar

-Cut the flour (all processed foods)

-Cut the alcohol

-ADD lots of water!

-Eat small portioned out meals every 3 hours

-Train glutes up to 3 times a week making sure you have 48hrs between workouts

-Don't be afraid to go heavy when doing glute exercises! You can add dumbbells to each of my exercises.

XO, Your Trainer - HiL

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