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Full-Body Medicine Ball Workout

What you need: ~3lb-8lb Medicine "Slam" Ball ~FitnessMat Perform Each Exercise for 1- Minute. Once you have completed the entire routine (all 4-exercises), start back over and do another set. Your goal is to complete 3 - 4 Sets. YOU CAN DO IT! 1.) Ball Slams *Advanced: Add Jump 2.) Ab: Partner Rotations *Advanced: Lift your feet off the floor 3.) Squat Pass-to-Lunge *Advanced: Add Reverse Lunge with Exterior Rotations 4.) Woodchoppers *Advanced: Add Slams Keridon and I are both moms working together to provide other busy women with functional workouts that they can do at home. This simple workout can be done with or without a buddy and in the convenience of your own backyard. We hope that you are able to apply this workout to your weekly workout routine and find it helpful. Please "like" this video if you are interested in seeing us post more videos like this one. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when another workout is posted! Comment below with your questions. No question is a dumb question! ***Video & Music created by iMovie ***Find Keridon at YouTube: "KeridonLifestyleCoach" ***SAVE 20% off your FitnessMat purchase by using checkout code "Hilary"

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