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Full-Body Garage Workout

The reason I write-up and film these workouts is because I know how hard it can be to squeeze workouts into a day. I'm a mom of three. My boys are in sports all year long, they have tons of school activities that I try to stay involved in, I'm writing a book and stay at home with my (almost) one year old. It's insane, but I love my chaotic life. I've got a jam-packed schedule, but the amount of love we have in this house is immeasurable.

With a little creativity and maybe some reorganizing you can find an area in your home or garage to workout. Your health and fitness DOES NOT require a costly gym membership. Just a couple small items like a jump rope and bands can help you gain strength and lose inches. This particular workout was designed to help you strengthen and tone your arms and tummy while torching calories (by way jumping rope).


Warm-Up: “High Knees” Jump Rope, 3 Minutes Inch Worm/Toe Touch Series (5 Toe Touches/ea Side), 3 Sets “Jacks” Jump Rope, 3 Minutes Band Upright Row/Front Raises, 3 Sets of 20 (10/ea) Curtsy Lunges/Rear Delt Fly, 3 Sets of 20 (10/ea) “Twisters” Jump Rope, 3 Minutes Lunges/Chest Press, 3 Sets of 20 (10/ea) Single-Arm Shoulder Press, 3 Sets of 15 “Kicks” Jump Rope, 3 Minutes Plank Rope Slams, 3 Sets of 10/ea Rope Russian Twists, 3 Sets of 20 (10/ea) Star Toe Touches, 3 Sets of 20 (10/ea)

Items used:

Bands + Door Attachment: BodyLastics

If there is something that you would like me to film or explain, please contact me HERE and I would love to answer your question on an upcoming post.

***Please do not begin any fitness regimen without first consulting your physician.

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