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Our Harvey Story + Stability Ball LEG Workout

It's been really hard to move forward with life after what just happened to our beloved Gulf Coast. After my last IG post our street flooded and was rising rapidly. We have a one-story house so we did our best to stack up and store our precious valuables. We kissed our kids goodnight and told them everything was going to be "okay". But the truth is, we were scared. Really scared! The rain wasn't stopping and it seemed as though we were the last ones on an island awaiting our turn to be covered in water. My parents flooded, one of my best friends flooded, my aunt/uncle flooded. It was only a natural for us to think, "yep, we're next". However, thank the Lord, we never did flood. We never had to flag down a rescue boat. And although we had tornado warnings going off on our phones (for what seemed like every 10-20min) we never got hit by a twister either. To say we feel guilty for "being okay" would be an understatement.

Fast forward: It's been over 2 weeks since the nightmare and it's (honestly) still very difficult to move on. We still have military helicopters flying past our house and when we drive for any short distance away from home, we're sure to see a military truck (or five) passing by. Our family and friends are still struggling to gut their homes and begin a fresh start at life. It's a surreal and heartbreaking reminder of what just rocked the entire state of Texas.

We have family in Florida and thank goodness Irma didn't get the best of them.

We're praying for your family and loved ones as well!

Slowly we're getting back into the groove of things, for example, the boys went back to school yesterday and today my Shed 'n Shred Fit Camp [Garage Edition] starts back up. I'm super excited about getting back in routine and I hope that you'll JOIN ME in this 10 minute workout.

Stability Ball Leg Workout

AMRAP [as many reps as possible], 10min

Set your stopwatch for 10min. Start with exercise ONE and complete each following exercise in order. Repeat this circuit for the entire 10 minutes. Aim to get as many rounds as possible while still maintaining proper form.

  1. Pivot Lunges, 10 reps

  2. Single-Leg Bridge, 10/ea

  3. Floor Bridges, 10 reps

  4. Hamstring Curls, 10 reps

  5. Squat Twists, 10reps

  6. Glute Lifts, 15 reps

This workout is a great option when you've got a busy day, but can dedicate 10 minutes towards a STRONGER YOU!

Products used:

WellnessMats FitnessMat (Save 20% with Discount Code "Hilary20")

***Please consult with your physician before beginning any workout regimen.

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