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10 Keto Snacks That Combat Cravings - Part 2

Sweet Cravings

Last week I shared five of my go-to snacks that nix salty/savory cravings. Today, let's talk about squashing sugary-sweet cravings. Whether you're a self-professed chocoholic or are an ice cream connoisseur (such as myself) you are sure to find something delicious to try below.

You are going to love these!

If you've been following me for any length of time then you probably know that I am not the most creative cook. It's humorous actually because I come from a family of caterers and amazing cooks. Oh-well, one thing I am good at is following recipes :) ! Note: the recipes I share below are "fool-proof" so even if you are worse in the kitchen than I am, you won’t mess these up!

Have you ever met someone that doesn't like cookie dough? Exactly! That's because no such person exists on the planet. These delicious non-baked cookie dough fat bombs will awaken your childhood cookie-dough-eating-out-of-the-bowl memories. They're only made with 6 simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. So simple!

Let me add that I still consider these a bit of a "treat" and something you shouldn't have all time because they do contain dairy and don't contain a significant amount of nutritional benefits.

However, if these keep you out of a bag of Oreos, by all means, go for this fat bomb recipe!

Click here for recipe.

Cookie lovers assemble! We have ourselves the best keto-approved cookie on the market. With only 2 net carbs and zero sugar this tasty treat should be a regularly restocked pantry item.

FatSnax are also gluten-free making them a great treat for those of us that have an autoimmune condition. I like all of the flavors they have, but I find myself reaching for chocolate chip the most.

Click here to purchase cookies.

Yes, these taste just as good as they look. They're rich, fudgy, and oh so delicious! These are another "treat" that contain dairy (cream cheese) and should be enjoyed in moderation. As you take a bite and enjoy this amazingness, stop and appreciate how yummy sugar-free indulgences can be.

Click here for the recipe.

Hot Summer days require ice cream! But if you're cutting sugar, the only other option for this cold treat are over priced pints that are often made with less-than-desired preservatives.

Making your own ice cream gives you the control of flavor, sugar, and high-quality ingredients.

You must try this one!

Click here for the recipe.

  • Sam's Club Keto Nuts with Chocolate

Do you see a common thread here? I love chocolate!!! These little perfectly-portioned snack packets are not only delicious and convenient, but they don't contain any additional, unwanted sugars or additives.

Raw nuts and a perfect amount of chocolate rounds are sometimes all I need to hold me over while I'm out running errands or watching one of our kids games.

I found something similar to these on Amazon. Click here.

Do any of these speak to you? I'd love to know which one(s)! Message me on IG or comment under my latest IG post. I love hearing from my you and knowing what you would like to see next.

Wishing you a wonderful week!



When you make purchases using the links in my posts I earn a small commission which helps financially support this blog and my family.

Thank you in advance!


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