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Buddy Bosu Backyard Burner

This workout is SUPER FUN! We had a blast creating AND doing it and are confident that you will have fun too! For this workout you'll need: 2 Bosu Balls & a Buddy THE WORKOUT: (Perform each exercise for 30 seconds) 1.) Burpee w/ Twist 2.) High/Low Squat Presses 3.) Lateral Squat Poppers 4.) (Bosu Overhead) Reverse Lunges 5.) Plank Pal Claps 6.) Low-Ab Circles

Once you have completed the entire routine, grab a sip of water, rest for at least 1 whole minute, and do another round. Your goal is to complete 2-4 Sets.

A little about us... Keridon and I are both moms working together to provide other busy women with functional workouts that they can do at home that also put a smile on their faces by making workouts FUN! If this video was at all helpful please give it a "thumbs up" (aka "like" the video)!!! If you are interested in seeing more videos like this one then SUBSCRIBE to my channel and look forward to getting more workout videos coming your way!!! Let's stay in touch- Email Find Keridon: YouTube 'KeridonLifestyleCoach' ***Video & Music created with iMovie

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