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Bleacher Workout

While your kids are practicing their sport, don't just sit there and watch! Get up and WORK that beautiful body of yours. This is a huge step in taking care of yourself and in result setting a strong example for your children.

If you haven't been on bleachers in years or EVER, don't let that stop you! These are moves you can do and you'll feel great afterwards. Take your time with the first round and then increase your intensity with each following set. By your third and final set, you should be giving it your maximum effort.

Bleacher Workout {20-30 Minute} 5 Exercises Double Squats/ 4 Joggers, 45 seconds (3x) Bleacher Sprints w/Side Shuffle, 5 Minutes (2x) Modified Sissy Squats, 20 reps (3x) High Skips- Full Length of Bleachers (3x) Pistol Squats, 15/ea (3x)

My "Good Things Come to Girls Who Hustle" hoodie is from an incredible organization called Pretty Girls With Cancer. They are dedicated to promoting female health and wellness through education, awareness, prevention and community advocacy and supporting cancer patients, survivors and caretakers. They do a ton of outreach to make women from all over feel their most beautiful when fighting their ugliest battle. I'm absolutely honored to partner with them and I would love it if you would pop over to their page to learn more and possibly do some shopping too. Thank you will all my heart in advance.

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Learn more about: Pretty Girls With Cancer

***Please consult with your physician before beginning any fitness regimen,

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