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Garage-Style Glute Workout

My little girl is keeping me so busy these days! As you can see in this video there is no stopping her now. I'm happy she loves the playpen even if it is for a short while. She wants to play with mommy; I secretly love that!

If you remember, I got a membership to 24-Hour Fitness to get her "more socialized", but she's not doing too well. We had a few visits where she didn't even want to leave and that was amazing! Then, I took a couple weeks off from the gym and was working out from home. When we started going back more consistently, well that's when she hated it again. Hopefully she'll relax a little and start enjoying it again. {{ I somehow forgot about how hard this stage was with my boys!}}

You other mommies, hang in there and remember we are in this together! I'll continue to give you workouts you can do at home. No gym required!

Garage-Style Glute Workout 5 Glute Exercises (4 Sets of Each)

-Band Kickback, 20 reps/ea

-Curtsy Lunge/Side Leg Raise, 20/ea -Bridges, 20 reps

-Knee Jab/Back Kick, 20/ea

-Fire Hydrant Kicks, 20/ea

Products Used:

WellnessMat FitnessMat

LolëOutfit (Sports Bra + Leggings) :

Drink: BCAAs by Labrada

Band: Bodylastics

Sponsored post thanks to:


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