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Quick At-Home Full-Body Workout

According to the engagement I've received on Instagram, it looks like everyone wants more Zoë than my workouts, HA! I actually think that's hilarious! I'm not going to stop putting out workouts though, because I KNOW they tug at you, encouraging you to workout!

Well, whether you watch my videos for Zoë or for my workouts, this is a great quick full-body workout that I'm confident you'll LOVE!!! +Around-the-World Lateral Raises/Tricep Press-Up, 15 reps (4 sets) +Front Raises/ Chest Press, 15 reps (4 sets) +Oblique Twists, 15 reps/ea (4 sets) +Jump Lunges, 20 total (4 sets) +Squat/Chest Flye, 15 reps (4 sets) Products Used: Bands: Bodylastics Leggings: Calia by Carrie Underwood

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